About ImpactHER
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  • ImpactHER is an impact driven nonprofit organization that seeks to empower African female entrepreneurs by bridging the gender business financing gap so as to help African female entrepreneurs realize their full economic potential.
  • Our ultimate goal is to utilize our institutional investing experience to prepare best-in-class African female market leaders.
  • We do this by training African female entrepreneurs on how to build scalable businesses and access institutional investors.
  • We believe that empowering African women entrepreneurs is critical to building the African economy and spurring economic growth.


Our vision

Our vision is to help African female entrepreneurs that dream of owning legacy businesses achieve that vision by helping them scale their businesses into sustainable legacy businesses, acquire capital, and become globally competitive.


Investment & Funds Experience

We have represented investors and have led numerous African private equity transactions. We led deal evaluation process, selected companies for investments, and have managed African deals from a legal and business perspective.

Deep African Market Experience

ImpactHER is spearheaded by women that have held senior roles at African-focused private equity firms and banks.


We are deeply-rooted in the African entrepreneurship and investment sector having invested in and reviewed hundreds of companies on the African continent.

Who We Serve

We are committed to helping an advance diverse group of African female entrepreneurs and managers that are interested in:

  • scaling their businesses and expanding their market share
  • ​raising capital from high network individuals or institutional investors such as venture funds, private equity funds, Development Finance Institutions
  • being investor-ready