Introducing The New ImpactHER Meet

ImpactHER Meet is a video-conference-calling platform designed primarily for professional use, which links remote colleagues together for real-time interaction.

  • On a basic ImpactHER Meet call, up to 120 people can speak and share video with each other at once.

  • You need to register/login before having full user access to the ImpactHER Meet platform. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete registration.

  • The IH-Meet platform works on most web browsers. However for best performance kindly use the latest Google Chrome or Download our mobile App from the AppleStore or Google PlayStore for mobile users .

  • ImpactHER Meet, also known as IH Hangouts, is built to let dozens of people join the same virtual meeting, and speak or share video with each other from anywhere with internet access.

    It's meant for use by women-in-businesses and other organizations, and it's a great way for colleagues who don't work in the same building to communicate.

    ImpactHER Meet organizer can share whatever is on their screen with everyone on a call, and any participant can turn their own audio and/or video feed off at any time, participating however they want.

    Is ImpactHER Meet free?

    To set up and host an ImpactHER Meet session, you need to register on the ImpactHer Meet platform , which is free for a lifetime. Anyone with a registered account can join and participate in ImpactHER Meet meetings.

    Only registered member can host a meeting.

    Also meeting link or code can be shared directly from the front dashboard of the ImpactHER Meet. Sharing platform include all top social platform on the internet.

    Everytime a user reload the page, a new hosting code is automatically generated.

    How to join a Meeting on ImpactHER Meet

    • You can join a meeting session by using the code that's created when the event organizer schedules the meeting.

    • On both the Meet mobile app(coming soon) and on a computer, simply pull up ImpactHER Meet and click or tap "Join Meeting" (it may say "Enter Meeting ID"). Once your code is in, provided the session has started, you'll enter the call and can begin talking with your team.

    • The creator of the meeting can also send out a direct link, which you just have to click once to join the meeting.

    • Just remember that you need to allow ImpactHER Meet to access your phone or your computer's camera and microphone when you set it up, or the program won't function properly.